The Best Ways to Calm Down When Life Got You Worked Up

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, look no further.

Stress and anxiety are difficult to deal with, but you don’t need to suffer. If you know how to calm down, stress and anxiety will never affect your life again. Unfortunately, many people never find out how they can calm down when feeling overwhelmed.

You can implement a variety of things into your daily routine that will prevent you from getting stressed out. Using one or several methods will help you become a stronger person, and they don’t require much to implement.

Read on to learn about the best ways to calm down whenever you’re feeling anxious!


One of the best ways to calm down is to exercise, which can be done in a variety of ways. Exercise helps people get their minds off things and feel better about themselves. When working out, you’ll technically be stressing your body. However, you’ll feel much better afterward.

Exercise allows people to think clearly about things. If you’re stressed about something, you can go for a quick run and realize that the problem wasn’t as bad as you thought it was. Because of this, it’s best to implement exercise into your daily routine to ensure you’re stress-free as much as possible.

Make a Journal

For many people, writing down their thoughts is the only way to get them to calm down. If you’re the type that enjoys reading or writing, you should consider making a journal. This journal can be used as a way to escape your thoughts because you can leave whatever you were thinking about in it.

When writing a journal, describe how you’re feeling and what made you feel that way. As you continue to write in the journal, you’ll come up with solutions for the problems because you’ll see the same problems coming up.

Talk with Friends

Similar to writing a journal, you can talk to friends about the things that you’re experiencing. While this doesn’t involve writing your thoughts out, you may feel like things make more sense after saying them out loud. You may even get a 2-in-1 if you talk to a friend via text.

Talking to a friend about your problems can invite new resolutions that you haven’t thought of. Your friend can tell you what they think about the situation, which your journal can’t do. However, if you don’t want to get opinions from someone, you can tell a friend that you simply want to vent.


Meditation is another thing that can be done daily, and it can be considered an exercise, depending on what you do. Meditation offers a unique approach to calming down because it revolves around thinking about nothing. The whole point of meditation is to clear your mind.

When you start meditating, you’ll find it difficult to stop thinking about things. As you continue to practice, you shouldn’t have a problem finding peace within yourself. Whether you’re dealing with real-world problems or you feel anxious for no reason, meditation will force you to relax.

Play Video Games

Playing video games is highly effective when you’re feeling overwhelmed because they make it easier to forget about whatever you’re dealing with. When playing a video game, many people get lost in the virtual world. While you shouldn’t play video games all the time, they can be a great escape.

You can set aside a time in which you’ll pick up the controller. This will give you enough time to become calm and relaxed while not neglecting responsibilities.

Should you decide to play video games, try to avoid things that could cause stress, such as competitive games. Playing competitive games will only make you more worked up, so don’t get involved in one.

Eat Your Favorite Food

Many people see eating as a way to comfort themselves as a negative thing. However, when done responsibly, it can be one of the best calming techniques for those that are stressed or anxious. The only problem you may have is doing it too often.

Whenever you need to calm down, try eating some of your favorite food and see how it makes you feel. If it’s unhealthy food, don’t resort to this often. Providing you’re eating healthy things to calm down, you can eat


Cannabidiol (CBD) is something that’s become popular because of it’s calming benefits. When using CBD liquid drops, you can calm down within minutes. Aside from that, you can also gain several health benefits that will prevent you from getting stressed as often.

CBD can be used as a daily supplement and it comes in many products. You can buy beverages, food, lotions, oils, and more. If you get liquid drops, you can put CBD in anything and reap the benefits.

Not only will CBD help you calm down when feeling anxious, but it’ll also give you mental clarity. This will ensure that you can think clearly so that you’re not getting worked up over small things.

Start Using These Ways to Calm Down Today

Now that you know various ways to calm down, you should start implementing several of these things as soon as possible. Becoming a calm person will make you more productive and you’ll feel better about yourself. It doesn’t take much to calm down, you just need to do something appropriate for you.

We recommend you exercise daily and eat healthily. If you’re still getting stressed about things, start using some of the other relaxation techniques. Keep experimenting until you find something that works, but it shouldn’t take long.

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