Sparking Creativity: 5 Fun and Simple Art Project Ideas for Kids

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to keep your kids entertained while you’re all at home?

While it’s great to help your children get involved with sports teams, extracurriculars, and sleepovers, sometimes you need to invest a little more energy to make home a fun place, too. If you’re looking for clever ways you can bond with your kids and keep them busy, crafts are an amazing opportunity to get creative.

Do you need some art project ideas for inspiration? Keep reading to learn about 5 of the best art project ideas.

1. Stained Glass Paintings

If you’re looking for easy art project ideas for kids, you’ll be delighted to know that you can make stunning stained glass paintings with only a handful of tools. All you need to do this craft is paint, a paintbrush, wax paper, a bottle lid, and some cardstock if you want to frame the finished masterpieces. Your kids will be so proud of their work that they’ll want to hang it up in their room.

2. A Dream Catcher

If you want to do fun art projects that can also serve a purpose, you can’t go wrong with helping your kids make their own dream catcher. This is another simple craft that involves using glass beads, some string, an embroidery hoop, and some other decorations. Making the craft is enjoyable, but it can also provide some comfort to kids who have nightmares often.

You can get the full instructions here.

3. Recycled Bird Feeder

One of the best ways parents can teach their kids about the importance of the environment is to give them opportunities to appreciate and interact with nature. Not only will this DIY bird feeder help support your local bird population, but it’s a good way to recycle trash that could otherwise end up in a landfill. This is a craft that keeps on giving because your kids can spend lots of time admiring all of their new friends who visit.

4. Painted Doilies

Do you have a bunch of old doilies gathering dust in your junk drawer? If so, you can breathe new life into them by letting your kids practice their painting skills on them. When you use watercolors, the paints can blend together to make an elegant rainbow.

These doilies can stand alone as unique home decor, or you can continue the crafting fun by stringing them together to make a banner.

5. Paper Plate Flowers

Out of all of the art projects, nothing is more versatile than these paper plate flowers. The instructions suggest using paint, but who says you can’t use markers, crayons, or any other art supplies you have on hand?

Your Kids Will Love These Art Project Ideas

Now that you know about a handful of the best art project ideas, you can make sure there’s never a dull moment when you’re at home.

Do you want to know other ways you can bond with your family? If so, make sure you check out the rest of our blog to find more incredible lifestyle guides.

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