Psychic Powers or Intuition? How to Tell the Difference

Have you ever felt the mysterious feeling of deja vu? Have you ever had an eerie vision that came to pass later on? If so, then you’re among the one in three Americans who’ve experienced a psychic moment.

There’s a lot of skepticism surrounding psychic powers, though.

Where do psychic powers come from anyway? Are they a form of intuition and empathy? Or, are psychics tapping into the spirit realm? If you’re looking for answers, then you’re in luck.

Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about psychic powers.

Understanding How Intuition and Empathy Work

So, what exactly are intuition and empathy, and how are they used by psychics?

Empathy is a type of emotional intelligence. It helps us understand what it feels like to be in another person’s shoes. When we can understand the feelings of someone else, we’re using our empathy.

Empaths are individuals who are very in tune with the feelings of those around them. Some empaths claim to be able to physically feel the emotions of others.

Intuition is a form of instinctual thinking. These thoughts don’t stem from conscious logic or critical thinking. Instead, they seem to bubble up from our subconscious. In an instant, we’re able to get a “gut feeling” about a situation or problem.

In a nutshell, intuition is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious thinking. With practice you can strengthen and train your intuition.

Psychics often channel their intuition to help them with readings. But, there’s a big difference between being empathetic or intuitive and being psychic.

Lifting the Veil on Psychic Powers

Skeptics often point to intuition as the guiding force behind psychic readings. They’re not wrong, but they are missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

Psychics are mediums. That means they fall somewhere between the concrete and spiritual worlds. They often use their abilities to bring spiritual messages to the physical realm. Often, these messages include hidden truths about the future or past.

Modern-day psychics have a lot of tools at their disposal. Among the techniques they use are:

  • Empathy
  • Intuition
  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy

In this sense, psychic powers are a mixture of the natural and unknown.

What’s a Psychic Reading?

So, how do mediums use psychic powers to do readings? Psychic and clairvoyant readings help provide answers to your future.

First, you connect with the psychic. Then, you’ll pose a question that you’re seeking an answer to. You may want advice about a relationship, business proposal, or job. Whatever the situation, your psychic will use their powers to seek an answer from the spirits.

How Intuition and Psychic Powers Work Together

Since the days of antiquity, psychic powers have intrigued humans. Are these skills a form of natural intuition and empathy? Or, are they a mixture of the concrete and supernatural? Until you’ve had an experience for yourself, you may never know!

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