How to Consistently Keep Your House Clean

Maintaining a clean home can seem like a challenge. While the cleaning itself isn’t so bad, keeping your home from getting dirty again quickly is the bigger problem. But by following a few key steps, you can avoid having to reach for the broom every day — or scrubbing sticky countertops.

Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how to keep your house clean!

Start the Day By Making Your Bed

An easy way to start your day off well is by making your bed. This simple act will add structure and clarity to your bedroom space — and set the stage for an orderly approach to your day. Your bedroom will look clean and crisp after just two minutes’ worth of work!

And if you’re wondering whether you should be making your bed in the hot summer months, do it. You could ward off dust mites, bacteria, and other unpleasant visitors attracted to the moisture in your bedsheets. You’ll keep your room cleaner and avoid potential health issues.

Determine Your Priority List

The prospect of cleaning your entire house may sound daunting. But if you make a list that prioritizes your cleaning duties, you won’t have to do everything at once. Ultimately, you’ll be able to chip away at the cleaning process.

Set up a few smaller tasks that you or your family members can complete each day. Even with 20 minutes of time each morning or evening devoted to cleaning, you can ensure that your home looks good. And at the end of the week, you won’t be burdened by the thought of doing a longer deep clean.

Keep Your House Clean By Sticking to a Schedule

It’s easy to assume you’ll dig into cleaning when you have more spare time during the weekend, but it’s even easier to turn your head the other way once the weekend arrives. Rather than avoiding an important duty, carve out a time to make the cleaning happen. Sticking to a schedule is the perfect way to ensure that your home is getting the attention it needs each week.

Create a calendar that you can hang in a common space like your kitchen. By displaying names next to assigned chores, you can hold everyone in your household accountable. And if it’s helpful to have everyone complete their designated chores at the same time of day, do it to build solidarity!

Take Your Shoes Off Indoors

Another easy solution to a messy home? Take off your shoes when you’re inside. Your floors may live a longer life if you do this, and you may help create a healthier atmosphere.

There’s a lot of bacteria on the bottoms of shoes that will offset onto your carpet and flooring if you’re tromping around indoors. Not only is this unpleasant to think about, but it is also bad for your health. And on top of that, the debris on your shoes will damage your floors and shorten their lifespan.

The solution? Opt for slippers instead!

Sort Your Paperwork

When you grab the mail each day, don’t just let it pile up on your kitchen table or in the office. Sort it right away! Send the mass mailings and ads to the circular file, and place more urgent mail in a tray or folder that you can access easily.

The same holds true for any bills or other important documents that you bring home from work — or any other paperwork that finds its way into your house. Stacks of paper are a magnet for dust, and they look disorderly in your home.

Delegate Responsibilities

Still wondering how to clean your house? Draw up a list of responsibilities to keep your house clean — and divvy them up among your family members. You have an opportunity to get your kids involved by using assigned chores as a teaching tool.

If you want your kids to develop into mature adults, ask them to load the dishwasher or take out the trash. And get your spouse involved, too, to help set a good example. As another suggestion, change up the rotation of chores each week so everyone gets some variety.

Clean Up Right Away

Make a mess? Clean it up! Acting quickly to clean up spilled drinks, crumbs, or dirty dishes is another way to maintain a cleaner home.

Don’t let the dirty dishes sit in the sink overnight. And don’t let your kids leave their toys scattered around the house when they head to bed. Plan on tackling these messes right away so they don’t get worse — or encourage messier behavior.

Finish cooking an elaborate meal? Clean your countertops right away using home cleaning products. With lysol spray in stock online, you can rest assured that a clean and disinfected countertop is just a few sprays away.

Develop a Storage System

When it comes to house cleaning tips, having a storage system in place is another good tactic. Gather bins of varying sizes and use them to store clothing, toys, or other items that will attract dust if left out.

And be sure to label your bins. If you end up stashing bins that contain seasonal items, like mittens or holiday decorations, you’ll want to know what you’re digging for when the season rolls around. Store bins in closets, under beds, or in your basement.

Create a Cleaner Home

If you keep your house clean, you’ll see your stress levels go down. Commit to a routine and make sure your cleaning supply closet is stocked and ready to go. And if you can get the whole family on board, you gain some help to create a cleaner house!

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