How to connect to a video conference: trust the professionals only

Contrary to what some people think, video conferencing does not require an expensive and complex system that can only be used by large companies with huge IT departments. But, there are simple solutions that allow you to connect your conference room with the rest of the world with a single touch. There are three main types of video conferencing solutions for businesses – point-to-point, multipoint and transmission. WebEx alternative allow the best of all three without the need to configure anything.

What is the type?

The individual call, sometimes called point-to-point connection – is the direct line connectivity between the two different locations. It is the same technology like the cell phone but it comes with the video link.Multi-point allows three or more locations to participate in the same video conference. Several participants can meet through high-definition video in a meeting room, from a desk at work, from a computer at home, or even from a smartphone or tablet while traveling.

The transmission connects the video conference with others, who can watch the conference from any other remote devices such as computer or mobile device using software instead of hardware. You can even access the video conference later through a web browser.

Whom to trust?

You can get the professional videoconferencing solution in the market that has eliminated the complicated hardware configuration process – making its user experience easier in the conference room. With the complete best free video conferencing  you will never have to worry about hardware problems that interfere with your video conference.

Know the terminology

Like all innovative technology, videoconferencing has its own language in a certain sense. It is a hybrid of network, video, audio, etc. These are some of the words and expressions that are most used in the world of video conferencing are 1080p / 30: 1920×1080, pixels at 30 fps. It is the resolution of Full HD. With its own device that is used when users use their own technology (laptops, smartphones and / or tablets) to work instead of a device of the company. Codec is the compression / decompression engine of a video system.

In addition to offering lower video quality, the free services may not allow you to share data or record and play back conferences. Adding or removing people in a call can be complex, or totally impossible. Even business services can have disadvantages if they are not based on standards. Systems based on standards, such as go to meeting competitor share the same technology among several providers, so it is possible to make video conferences with users who have a different type of system than yours.


It all depends on how much videoconferencing power you need, how many people you should connect, what types of devices do these people use to connect, if you also need to connect them to your conference rooms. Choose the correct video conferencing product or activate their Cloud service, if any, download mobile applications, invite people to meetings and that’s it.