How to Choose the Right Moving Services Near Me?

Nearly one out of five Americans either relocated this year or know someone who moved due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Have you been thinking about moving? Or are you in the process of relocating?

Moving services can help you with your big move. You can save time and effort in loading and moving all your belongings.

Looking for the right moving services near me? Keep reading for tips to find quality moving services.

Ask for Recommendations

One way to find moving services near you is by asking trusted friends or family for recommendations. If a friend or family member used a moving service, they can walk you through the process and tell you what they liked or didn’t like about a company.

Check for License

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers within the moving industry. If you’re moving to another state, you should check their license through the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.

Through the website, you can enter the moving company’s Department of Transporation Number (DOT) or Motor Carrier Number (MC). If you’re moving to another state, you can check to see if the company has the license to legally move from state to state.

You can also check through the FMCSA website to make sure the name that the company gave you matches with the DOT number. Also, you can check to make sure that the company’s license and insurance are up to date. You can also look up other details about the company through the website.

Read Online Reviews

Another tip for finding moving services is to check out online reviews. When reading reviews, check out more than one review website. You should also read the details of reviews and not only focus on the star rating.

Be wary of a company that has all 5-star reviews. This could be a sign of fake reviews. When reading reviews, see if you can notice any negative comments that repeatedly show up.

Look up Company Through the Better Business Bureau

In addition to the above, you can also look up a moving company through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Through the BBB’s website, you can see if the company is accredited and check out their rating.

Get Estimates

When you do narrow down your search to a few moving companies, you should ask for a written estimate. This can help you finalize your decision.

You should ask at least three moving companies for a written estimate. The cost of your move is going to depend on several factors such as how many items you have to move.

What’s more, you might also choose to have additional moving services. For example, these moving services also offer packing services for your house or for certain areas in your home. You might also choose to have storage services.

Final Thoughts on Finding Moving Services Near Me

When looking for moving services near me, you don’t just want any moving service. You want to find a moving service that is reputable, reliable, and trustworthy.

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