How Much Does Mold Remediation Usually Cost?

Your nose and throat have been killing you lately! You’ve also been sniffling a lot and your eyes stay red and watery. You might have allergies, or it could be something much worse.

You may have an infestation on your hands. This is a problem that can only be solved with mold remediation. Trying to clean it up yourself is too dangerous.

You’ll have to take the price hit. How much it will cost you depends on a few different factors.

We can give you a roundabout estimate. Check out this guide to learn how much you’ll spend on the mold cleanup job.

What Causes Mold?

Mold can break out in any place in your home where it’s dark and humid. Like the bathroom or a basement. The most common sources are roof leaks, pipe leaks, and house floods.

As soon as you notice the mold, you should get on the phone with a remediation service because it can spread. A small patch of mold can quickly turn into a large one.

Do You Have an Infestation?

Many times, people have an infestation without even realizing it. You could show physical symptoms, but it’s easy to confuse those with allergies.

It also starts as a small patch so you might not even see it at first. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to catch it early. A musty smell will waft through your home.

You might see stains on your ceiling and walls. If you’ve had a flood or a pipe burst, it might be a good idea to have someone come out and take a look to be safe. They’ll be able to test and confirm the existence of the mold.

Removal or Remediation?

So, here’s the truth about mold. It’s everywhere in the air. This means that there’s no way of getting rid of it for good.

What you can do is get it back to normal, safe levels. That brings us to the question, what is mold remediation? It’s a service that can clean the areas in your home that are covered with mold, get rid of the colonies, and get your air quality back to normal.

You can do a general “removal” all by yourself. It won’t be as thorough as what the professionals can do, though. Chances are, you’ll miss something.

How Much is Mold Remediation?

The main thing that drives people to do a DIY cleanup job is the cost of mold remediation. It can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands. It all depends on the size of the infestation, where the mold is at, how destroyed your stuff is, and what caused the problem.

Size of the Infestation

The worse the problem, the more expensive it will be to fix. If you can catch it while it’s still in a small confined area like the crawl space, you might end up paying 400-600 dollars for the cleanup job.

If it expands to a bigger space such as the attic or basement, the price to fix it is going to jump up somewhere closer to the $4,000 range.

The Location of the Mold

Some areas are more difficult to clean up than others. If it manages to spread into your AC or ventilation system, it will require a special amount of TLC to get rid of it.

You’ll pay up to $6000 dollars to clear it out. It all depends on how bad the infestation is.

Status of the Moldy Items

The remediation service will clean up your things. How infected your items are will alter the price. If it’s in your couches, those can be cleaned.

If your drywall is stained, that’s completely different. That’s a little harder to clean and might have to be replaced. Infected carpets will also need replacing.

The Cause of the Mold

Sometimes the cause of the mold can make things more expensive. For example, if your septic tank fails and leaks everywhere. Not only will the mold have to be cleaned up, but you’ll be charged for the handling of toxic chemicals.

It will also call for more drastic testing and cleaning measures. Expect to fork over at least 10,000 dollars.

Wood Rot

So, a pipe in your home bursts without you realizing it. You don’t find out about it until the mold spreads to other rooms in your house. Your wooden walls and floors are rotted.

Now you have to pay for the mold removal and get the wood replaced.

Is it Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

The short answer is no. Your homeowner’s insurance company won’t cover the cost of the mold cleanup except for in special circumstances. If you have flood insurance and the reason for the mold is because of a flood, you might be able to get it covered.

If there’s a pipe burst and you get on the phone with your insurance company right away, they may pay for it. As long as the pipe burst wasn’t caused by your own negligence.

Call a Remediation Service and Solve Your Mold Problem

Any time you experience a house flood or a pipe in your home bursts, there’s a strong possibility that mold will form. While you can clean up and solve the issue yourself, it’s not a good idea. it can be dangerous and if you don’t do the process properly, the infestation will continue to spread.

Call a mold remediation service to tackle the issue for you. It might cost you a pretty penny, but at least you know the situation has been taken care of.

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