How Much Does It Cost to Park at Newark Airport? Your Complete Cost Guide

After a year of social-distancing, travel bans, and stay at home orders, we don’t blame you for having that itch to travel.

In 2020, domestic airfare prices are almost 50% lower than average. And it’s likely that ticket prices could take years to rise back to normal.

So with cheaper tickets and maybe even more time on your hands, you’re probably ready to get out of Jersey—at least for a few days.

But what about that one thing you have that most people in the city don’t? Your car?

With cheaper tickets, you might want to take advantage of your savings and park at Newark Airport. But how much are we looking at, here?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered to make sure you’ve got it covered.

How much is parking at Newark Airport? Read on for all you need to know.

Plan Ahead to Park at Newark Airport

First things first: you’ll want to plan ahead.

Newark Airport is the 14th busiest airport in the United States. Things might have slowed down because of the coronavirus pandemic, but airport parking could never slow down enough.

The most important part of your discounted vacation is to figure out your parking situation beforehand. Then it’s smooth sailing (or flying) from there.

Check out this post to reserve cheap parking ahead of time.

Hourly Parking

Parking at Newark Airport by the hour actually has relatively cheaper rates: starting at $4 for each half-hour.

If you want to park only for a few hours, you’ll drive to one of these garages: A, B, and C.

But if you want to park for more than a few hours, you might be better off with a daily rate.

Long Term Parking

The cost of long term parking has more variables than the rates for daily parking at Newark Airport.

To park for a full day, you’ll want to drive to one of these garages: P1, P3, and Garage 4. And prices in these lots can differ.

The maximum rate for daily parking at Newark Airport is at maximum $39 a day. But in P1 and P3, the maximum daily parking cost is $34. In Garage 4, the maximum ranges from $27 to $34.

However, if you have restricted New Normal Mobility, the daily rate is a little lower for you. The hourly rate is unchanging, but the daily rate is only $18.

Consider Off-Site Parking

Because Newark Airport is so busy, there are private companies that make a living off of this parking thing. But that’s not to say they can’t save you money.

In fact, a lot of them do save you money.

And some come with services like shuttling you straight to your gate. Some even help you with your luggage.

Almost Boarding Time

In the age of doordash and delivered groceries, it’s easy to think getting a lift to the airport might be cheaper.

But if you’re looking through ride-sharing apps, you might want to ask: wait, how much is long term parking? Because with the right planning and parking service, you might end up saving on more than airline tickets.

We bet you’re already ready for your vacation, but now you’re ready for the harder part: to park at Newark Airport.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on ahead and score those tickets, and make that parking reservation.