How do I make a website mockup?

Before creating a web page, an application or a product, someone has to give its approval for its elaboration or serial production. And prototypes or mockups are the cheapest and easiest solution to make. In the past, a small model or a few paper sketches were enough, but current tools allow you to create animations, videos or interactive mockups in a relatively short period of time and with the help of predesigned graphic resources.

In the past, we have seen some examples of solutions to easily create mockups for any type of project. Today we will expand that list with more professional tools that will help us impress our superiors or any client with our prototypes. There are ideas that only enter through the eyes. Hence the need to create spectacular mockups that sinks in the client before its launch. So here we have most amazing tools for you with the help of them, you can make mockup designs for your WordPress websites. You just need to understand the functions and you will be able to make a wonderful website mockup by yourself.

Adobe Photoshop

From the software, without downloading or installing anything. Adobe Photoshop allows you to create prototypes and mockups from a professional environment full of options to create a professional design and very close to the final product, especially in the case of applications or websites. But there are more functionally advanced tools are available now which are especially targeted to build mockup designs for websites. For this we have an interface similar to Photoshop or other design tools, as well as templates and resources such as buttons, menus and other elements that will save us time and effort.

Adobe XD

Design and Adobe are two names that have been linked for decades. And despite today’s many online options, XD to WordPress continues to roll out new products to catch up. An example is Adobe XD, an application specialized in the design of prototypes of web pages, mobile applications, interactive screens. Adobe XD can be used for free or by subscription. In exchange we will have a solution to install on Windows, Mac, iPhone / iPad and Android that can interact with names like Dropbox, Slack or Trello with the help of plugins. From a classic prototype, a diagram or animations, Adobe XD also allows working with other Adobe applications such as After Effects, Illustrator or Photoshop.


Following the dynamics of working online, InVision is another web platform for the design and creation of mockups, among other tasks, with the help of its tools, which allow creating animated prototypes or diagrams for use. InVision has a minimalist design, although it allows you to change any element to mold it to our liking. Furthermore, it is possible to interact with other design tools such as Photoshop or Sketch. Thus we can benefit from its icons and graphic resources. Websites, mobile applications… InVision makes it easy to design, share and present prototypes in real time, remotely or physically.