Flat tip hair extensions. How to choose and wear

Flat tip hair extensions. How to choose and wear.

How to improve the condition of the strands and get the desired length in minutes? Today, many women choose the quick and easy option – Slavic hair extensions. Find out more about hair extensions, hair care and applications.


Russian Gold Flat Shape Keratin Hair Extensions are high quality Remy hair pulled together with keratin sticks – Elize Hair. Thanks to new technology and original human hair, this procedure has become safe and completely harmless to natural human hair.

This type is considered one of the best building materials due to its special structure, which is ideal for most women in Europe and the UK. The strands have been selected from the finest raw materials, each of which retains its natural shine and beauty. It does not degrade due to the lack of chemical treatment. Thousands of women choose it for its good elasticity, smoothness and silky shine.


All areas are carefully processed using specialized equipment, which allows you to preserve its beauty and natural shine. Hair extension Russian I Tip belongs to the category of the highest quality; it can be used for assembly several times. With proper care, long hair ends will last a long time. The finished product is suitable for lightening due to the unstable pigment. Even after frequent washing or styling, hair will not lose its softness or smoothness of its structure. Any woman can change her appearance as often as she wants.

The extensions always look great, each strand is easy to clean and level, easy to comb, style and fit any hairstyle. No special maintenance required. All you need is to comb and wash like natural hair. You can also go to the sauna or pool to wear it. The only rule is to avoid exposure to temperature effects on the hair attachment points.

At Elizé you can only find quality soft Russian hair that looks great for as long as you want it. We only offer certified products and a wide range of colors and lengths. In addition, you can find ready-made sections for capsules, curls, micro-ring extensions, etc. Our product is designed to lift your spirits, improve your style, and be impressive every time you wear your hair extensions without feeling too heavy to care for.