Experts’ Global- the Best Option for Online GMAT Preparation

A good GMAT score is essential to securing good business school admits. Without one, it is not very likely that you will be able to get a seat at your dream school. As with other types of competitive examinations, there are quite a few prep companies that claim that they can help you improve your score. Obviously, while some of them are quite reliable, others are not. It can be difficult to find one that is but it is very important, as GMAT preparations require a serious investment of time and effort. One such company is Experts’ Global, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Let us take a quick look at their GMAT Online Preparation Program.

Video Instructions

Experts’ Global utilizes over 100 GMAT concept videos. These videos are crisp, clear, to the point, and together cover the entire scope of concepts tested on GMAT. The firm’s mock test series and practice questions also make good use of videos. Each question included in Experts’ Global’s practice material has a corresponding explanation video. These videos provide excellent guidance on the questions that the student got wrong and also provide solutions that are often more efficient than the student’s own. There are, of course, explanations in test format as well.

Congruence with GMAT

The key strength of Experts’ Global’s online GMAT Preparation is how well its practice material captures the essence of the GMAT. The program’s four thousand + training questions and mock test questions are exceptionally in sync with GMAT questions, in terms of the scope of concepts tested, level of complexity, level of difficulty etc. Experts’ Global has also taken great care to ensure that their mock test scoring system in line with the real GMAT scoring algorithm. By all accounts, their system is uniquely GMAT-accurate, as evidenced by the remarkable similarity in their students’ Experts Global mock scores and official mock scores. This is very important, as you will need a reliable scoring system, in order to keep track of your progress.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

This training program also includes 15 Full-Length mock tests. This is more than twice what most other test series have. This allows Experts’ Global’s students to give practice tests, freely and frequently, without having to worry about running low. Experts’ Global has made sure to include so many tests, because they recognize how necessary frequent test taking is to building exam strategy and endurance. As already mentioned, these tests are exceptionally GMAT-like in the quality of their questions and scoring.


Weakness Diagnosis

Experts’ Global’s practice material is backed by an analytics software that is very useful for understanding your performance on an in-depth level. After every mock test, the system will let you know which areas, in both quant and verbal, you did the best and worst in. Furthermore, it can also let you know the average amount of time you spent on each question. The software can also analyze your performance, over a number of tests. This will help you gain a broader understanding of your weak areas, thus letting you know where you need to spend the most time. This analysis could be completed manually but time is precious when it comes to GMAT preparation and such in-depth analysis could only be achieved by devoting far more time to analysis than you could afford to.


Extra Features

Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Training Module also includes a number of additional features that you will find quite useful. A rather powerful feature is the “flag button”, which will let you mark any question that you want to come back to. This will let you save the questions that you find especially important, so that you can return to them at your convenience. This will allow you to revise the GMAT concepts, in much more depth. Another rather useful one is the “sticky notes” feature. The stickies are small, colored pop-up screens that you can use to take notes while studying. You can then pin the stickies to your “wall”. A small feature but, again, it does make note taking a lot more convenient. The presence of these features illustrates how Experts’ Global takes care to improve every aspect of their students’ GMAT preparation.


Experts’ Global GMAT Online Training program has very carefully put together. It takes the student through the GMAT concepts and exam strategy at a very well-mediated pace. The excellent conceptual material and comprehensive testing ensure that each student duly understands the intricacies of the GMAT. Dew other GMAT preparation programs are as comprehensive as Experts Global’s, in covering the student’s every requirement. If this program is conscientiously followed, improvement is sure to come