AccessiBe Underlines the Importance of Web Accessibility

Web accessibility or digital accessibility refers to the ability of a website, application or software to be accessible to people having disabilities that affect their vision, hearing, cognition, and/or motor functions. For the purpose of adding people with disabilities, a number of assistive technology tools have been developed that make it easier to navigate a website and interact with its content. Popular examples of these tools include alternative keyboards, screen readers, eye tracking tools, screen magnifiers and so on. A lot of companies today put focus on web accessibility solutions, AccessiBe being one of them.

Web accessibility is a problem that is relevant to just about all people, and not just the ones with a disability. Using, understanding and planning for web accessibility are not easy. In fact, it can be a pretty overwhelming endeavour if not approached gradually. For the purpose of being most effective, web accessibility has to be addressed in a proactive manner. It would involve educating oneself about accessibility, developing accessible content and making that content readily available to all online users.

In the modern, digitalized environment, web accessibility is important to ensure that people with disabilities are able to actively take part in society.  Accessible online content means that everyone would be included in receiving and understanding the message, and no one shall be left behind due to any of their disability. Inclusive content enables all to participate and receive the same information, and can benefit the society as a whole by allowing more people to be actively involved, while effectively contributing their ideas and point of view.

When taking the aspect of web accessibility into consideration in the online content design, it can also help in boosting usability. They often result in a way more intuitive user experience. Online content that meets accessibility requirements is likely to become more user-friendly for everyone. People even without any disability can even benefit from accessible design. It can be particularly limiting in situations like reading captions for a video when in noisy or quiet environments, adjusting screen brightness in a dark or bright room, as well as reading a transcript of a presentation to reinforce the information learned.  Using the keyboard to navigate a website when the mouse is not working is also a lot difficult for many. A lot of these problems can be solved with the right approach towards web accessibility.

There are many companies operating today that are involved with the aspect of web accessibility, AccessiBe being one of the most popular ones. They aim at making the entire internet accessible by 2025 so that everyone, with and without disabilities; can enjoy what that online world has to offering. The current state of people with disabilities and small businesses fighting in courts is not feasible for many, and the projects undertaken by such companies can significantly help them out.  Further details of such companies can be found online.