6 Marketing Tips for Manufacturing Plants

Did you know the manufacturing sector accounts for a whopping 11 percent of the U.S. economy’s total output?

As a manufacturing business owner, you certainly know that manufacturing is the cornerstone of the economy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean every manufacturing business is primed for success. In fact, thousands of manufacturing companies, especially small ones, fail.

If you’ve recently started your company or it’s been around for a while but growth doesn’t seem to be happening, you’re wondering what you can do to switch up things. Have you thought about marketing?

In this article, we’re sharing marketing tips that can help take your manufacturing company to the next level.

Build a User-Friendly Business Website

Manufacturing as a process isn’t known to be friendly to most people. After all, what’s there to love about a place where machines are grinding or moving without ever stopping? It’s no wonder most corporate websites for manufacturing businesses are not user friendly.

It’s time to humanize your manufacturing business.

The big question is how do you do this? Simple. Create a user-friendly website; a site that makes the visitor feel right at home. Many consumers are more likely to take a purchase action when they’re browsing a user-friendly site.

There’s a lot that goes into building a business site that ticks all the marketing boxes. If you aren’t a web design and development pro, it’s advisable to outsource the job to professionals. If you need an idea of what a good manufacturing site looks like, check out arbor-inc.com.

Embrace Video Marketing

As a manufacturer, you probably create technical or complex products. The average user is going to need some training before they can operate or use the product.

How do your market such a product to a consumer? This is where video marketing comes in.

Although products still ship with brochures with all the relevant instructions, nothing beats a video explainer.

With video marketing, your goal is to visually educate a customer who has already bought the product. It’s to entice a prospective buyer, giving them the information they need about the product.

You can also use video to give your target market virtual tours of your facility, manufacturing process, and more.

Video marketing success highly depends on the quality of the videos you put out, so be sure to let a professional videographer do the job.

Be a Thought Leader

As a manufacturer, you certainly face a lot of competition. Customers have a variety of products to choose from, which means you have to find innovative ways to ensure yours stands out from the crowd.

Sometimes it’s not about the features of the product. It’s about how you, the owner of the company, can shape conversation in the industry. Business owners who are also thought leaders in their industry are more likely to be successful.

Being a thought leader means publishing your ideas on your company blog, doing interviews, and even talks.

Use These Marketing Tips to Give Your Company an Edge

The manufacturing sector is fiercely competitive. Having a great product alone isn’t enough. You need a killer marketing strategy to find true success. With these marketing tips, though, you’re in a better position to make more sales.

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