5 Workplace Safety Tips Every Business Needs to Implement

Did you know that every seven seconds a worker in the United States is injured in the workplace? Office safety is important to uphold so you can keep your employees safe and avoid fines and lawsuits.

Maintaining safety in the workplace isn’t always easy. It’s common to overlook safety hazards when you’re caught up in the day-to-day business.

Are you looking for better ways to keep your employees safe? Check out these five workplace safety tips that every business needs to implement.

1. Workplace Safety Tips: Create Safety Culture

One of the best workplace safety tips is to create an entire culture around office safety. Training employees as they join your team and having regular safety training through safety experts like Light duty Pathway is a great start.

Encouraging employees to point out safety hazards by rewarding these actions is another great way to maintain a safety culture in the workplace. You can even designate a new safety watch-dog each month to keep the employees in a safety-driven mindset.

Lastly, hold regular internal safety audits. Have employees from another department come in and look for potential safety hazards for a fresh perspective each month.

2. Cleanliness is Key

Positive workplace wellness can mean keeping your office clean. This means taking care of spills promptly and avoiding clutter on the floor in high-traffic areas.

Avoid stacking boxes really high and precariously. Be sure you don’t overstock shelves where things could fall and cause injury.

Lastly, cable management is a great way to ensure employee safety. Keep your cords and cables out of the way of passersby to prevent tripping hazards.

3. Provide the Right Tools

Whether you’re a construction worker or a cubicle dweller, every office has tools. You need to make sure these tools are well-maintained and up to par to prevent injury.

For instance, a carpenter could risk injury if their nailgun is leaking. Likewise, an office worker could be injured if their workplace ladder is broken.

4. Sign Away

Signs are an important part of workplace safety. If you think a situation calls for a sign, it’s better safe than sorry.

These include the common signs like ‘wet floor’ or ‘out of order.’ However, signs that explain how to use risky office hardware like a trash compactor or a paper cutter are also useful.

5. Reduce Workplace Stress

Around 13 percent of injuries are caused by sleep problems. Lack of sleep can be attributed to too much stress in the workplace or long workdays.

Encourage employee wellness by making the workplace as stress-free as possible for your workers. Emphasize the importance of their mental health, and schedule workers to ensure they have enough time off.

Safety First

Now you have the best five workplace safety tips to keep your office safe. Implement these to create the best environment for your employees.

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