5 Benefits of Using Office Catering

Are you trying to decide whether to start catering meals at your office? Despite the increase in remote work brought on by the COVID-19 global pandemic, catering lunch is still a popular way to reward employees in the office!

Catering a breakfast or lunch may increase your company’s operating costs, but many different benefits can pay off for you later. Read on to learn 5 benefits of using office catering today!

1. Make Work More Fun

The average American working full-time logs 44 hours each week! Working an average of 8.8 hours each day can make even the most exciting job a little boring and mundane at times.

One of the benefits of office catering is that it makes your office a more fun place to be! Whether you are catering lunches once a week or once a month, it gives your employees something to look forward to because it is different!

2. Increase Productivity

You can increase productivity during meetings by catering meals to your office. A ‘lunch and learn’ has become a different way for an employer to pass along important information while employees enjoy a catered lunch.

Instead of having people show up on the clock or scramble to find food before an important meeting, catering the meal allows everyone to ease into the discussion and be more prepared!

3. Encourage Employee Bonding

Depending on the office environment where you work, there can be limited opportunities for employees to have time to bond during work hours. Catering breakfast or lunch into the office gives people an important time to enjoy a meal without the stresses of day-to-day work.

This can help promote conversation between employees about their own lives and interests. These sorts of things can increase the bond between employees and help them work together more efficiently.

4. Boost Office Morale

Do you have concerns that the morale in your office is below average? Less than 40 percent of employees report having high morale in their jobs! That doesn’t mean your office needs to be one of those places.

Catering lunches from a service like Rx Catering is a great way to reward employees with good food in a more light-hearted environment at your office. It can also help relieve the stress and budgetary concerns of employees that must pay for lunch each day.

5. Promote Healthier Habits

You can promote healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices by the food you are catering to your office. One of the office catering benefits to remember is that you have a high level of control over what is ordered.

You may choose to do a poll of your employees to find out what they like, but you can choose a healthy option as a way to encourage people to eat better!

Understand The Benefits of Office Catering

The benefits of office catering make it a popular choice for companies across the country. By looking over your catering options and listening to employee feedback, you can order foods they will enjoy while also giving back to your most important asset.

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