4 Tips to Boost Self-Confidence and Find Inner Peace

Less anxiety. More motivation. Resilience. Improved relationships.

There are so many ways that self-confidence makes your life better. Simultaneously building your self-esteem while you find inner peace can make you feel even more incredible.

These four tips can get you there.

1. Actively Change Your Thoughts

Your mind has a lot of power over how you feel. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, well, you’re probably going to believe it.

That’s why changing your thought process is so important in your quest to boost self-confidence. If you feel doubt creeping in, counter your negative thoughts. How can you overcome the situation that’s causing you to question yourself and your abilities?

If you fight back against negativity in your mind, then you’ll have a much easier time finding inner peace, too. Clearing your head is a great way to relax — it’s why meditation has become such a revered pastime. Make it part of your routine and start acknowledging — and letting go of — the thoughts that affect your progress.

2. Stand Tall

Your physical state can have a surprising effect on your state of mind. Standing up tall and taking on a confident stance can make you feel that way inside, too.

This idea was the basis of a very popular TED Talk on power poses. Take on, say, the stance of Wonder Woman and see how you feel after embodying her self-confidence in your stature.

On a similar note, present yourself confidently, too. That may mean wearing clothes that make you feel good or following a skincare regime that makes your face glow. No matter what it is, try it — and you’re sure to feel better inside, too.

3. Try a Crystal

Some people swear by the power of crystals. Perhaps adding one to your collection or carrying one with you will have a positive effect on you, too.

Let’s consider, for example, the power of jasper stones. Jasper has a noted ability to help its wearers feel more grounded.

So, rather than getting stuck in your head and letting doubt drag down your self-esteem, grab a piece of jasper. You’ll feel rooted in the present moment, a mindfulness tactic that can quiet racing thoughts and make you feel more at peace.

4. Smile It Out

Finally, you can send a signal to your brain that you’re confident and peaceful by putting the right look on your face. Smile, and you’ll exude the self-assured vibes you seek.

Plus, smiling triggers facial muscles that tell your brain you’re happy. Even if you’re not feeling your best, breaking into a smile will trigger a serotonin and dopamine release. The former will make you feel less stressed, while dopamine boosts happiness levels.

Find Inner Peace and Self-Confidence, Starting Now

These four tips will put you on the right path to find inner peace and self-confidence, just as you wish. So, put them into practice and see just how good you can feel, all thanks to your own mindfulness.

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